This website displays the Gemini protocol through a web proxy. The content is proxied from gemini:// using Kineto.

Oliver Leaver-Smith

A photo of ols, heavily dithered of course

I have very much neglected my Gemini capsule. I am in the process of bringing it up to a standard where the content is good enough to share with others. On here I will talk about projects I am working on, things I have read, and other random titbits of thoughts and information. You can find my spaces on alternative mediums below:

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Capsule Technology

This Gemini capsule is served using Shavit. This is the first server that I set up, and even though it doesn't have very many "modern" features of Gemini like dynamically-generated files, I am happy with it. If there is a suitable replacement that is written in Go then I'm open to changing. Like every service I run, Shavit runs on OpenBSD and sits behind relayd(8).