This website displays the Gemini protocol through a web proxy. The content is proxied from gemini:// using Kineto.



I've written a gemini service that proxies web content. It uses readability and html2gemtext libraries that I can't remember the sources for but will post another time. It's on port 5555 for now until I can sort out why relayd isn't letting me choose which of the two gemini instances I am running to direct traffic to. Oh well! That is a problem for another day.



Putting some effort back in to Gemini now. I will try to keep this journal somewhat maintained with goings on, with newest entries at the top and older ones at the bottom. Exactly like a real journal but completely backwards!

I have updated the home page of this capsule with some info, so hopefully that will be of use^H^H^Hinterest to at least one person.